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  • Hang Tyme Float Wall Shelf Bathroom Ledge Organizer Towel Bar Home Decor
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If you are planning to bring in the New Year by upgrading your bathroom decor, then don't forget to add a floating shelf with dual towel bar. Conveniently add origination to your home without drilling or messy adhesive tape that could peel the paint from your bathroom wall.

Home & Bathroom decor - Replace the existing wall cover with this one. It does NOT require adhesive tape or drilling holes in the wall. The installation can be reversed completely guaranteed! Our floating wall shelf adds a stunning usefulness to your bathroom wall. This addition to your home, is quick and simple yet attractive. 

Custom Design - Your own floating shelf with towel bar to match perfectly any home style. We have many colors and designs to select from; and you can always design your own from the ground up. Our manufacturing time is quick and we'll get your build out quickly, just in time for you to upgrade your new home environment.

Easy to Install - Remove your current DH55 Dehumidistat Switch Cover and install ours in its place. It includes everything you need to add a floating shelf and two towel bars to your currently bare and useless wall. Hangtyme has an easy and quick installation. It is 100% damage-FREE to your smooth wall. You will NOT need to drill or use adhesive tape. Use your existing dehumidifier screws to install it on uneven or even walls.

Made with Quality - Like most of our products. This item is hand made. Every piece is quality inspected and tested before it exits our shipping department. Most of the pieces will ship assembled so you don't have to waste time figuring out what goes where. Made from High Impact materials which makes it durable to last and withstand what you use it for.

Multipurpose - Ideal for any bathroom with a Dehumidistat Switch Cover. It that cover is in your kitchen, bedroom, power room then this will improve your decor. Its usefulness will surprise you and it works great! You'll wonder how you ever got on without it. It works great as a bathroom storage shelf, makeup vanity, kitchen organizer, display shelf. We've even heard from a few of our previous buyers that it doubles as an exterior shower caddy.

Take a look at HangTyme today. Give a us call or message us. It could be the perfect Valentine Gift you've been searching for?

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