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Hang Tyme Float Wall Shelf Bathroom Ledge Organizer Towel Bar Home Decor


Build Time: 3 days


Hangtyme is perfect for replacing your boring Dehumidistat Switch Cover. Introduce a stylish accents into your bathroom décor. Our cover will add style and functionality to your bathroom with towel racks, towel hooks, towel rings, vanity shelves, and is a specialist in helping you gain more space on your bathroom counter top. Updating your switch cover is a simple and affordable way to bring new style and finishes to your space. With a wide variety of styles available, colors, and shelving/towel bar accessories. It's easy to complement your existing decor while giving your bathroom an update.

Upgrade and customize your standard switch cover into a multifunctional center piece that will have all your guess asking... Here are some extra features hangtype will give you in your decor upgrade.

Each hangtyme is hand assembled and quality inspected to meet your expectations.

  • Automatically turn the exhaust fan ON
  • Automatically turn the exhaust fan OFF
  • Digital Thermometer Reading
  • Digital Thermometer Sensing
  • Humidity Monitoring, Reading and Sensing
  • Floating Shelf
  • Towel Bar
  • Ledge Shelf Organizer
  • Tooth Brush Holder
  • Custom Color Scheme
  • Custom Design
  • Rotary Dial
  • Dehumidistat control for ON / OFF control of Air King exhaust fans based on the humidity level of the room
Upon an increase in ambient relative humidity above the set point, the control will automatically turn the exhaust fan on until the humidity level has decreased below the set point at which time it will automatically turn the exhaust fan off. Perfect to use with all Air King ENERGY STAR certified exhaust fans to comply with the California Title 24 requirements and the CALGreen standard. Can also be added to existing exhaust fans to provide humidity control and better the indoor air quality of the home. Fits a standard size electrical box.

Transformational Home Decor with Multiple Purpose Extensions.

All orders are made-to-order - reach out with any questions prior to ordering and thank you for your patience as we create your product.