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Night Light Illuminated RGB LED Paper Towel Holder Dispenser

If you have struggled to add colored light or ambient lighting; or maybe just to add a little bit of pizzazz to sort of freshen up and modernize a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom? You are going to be decorating in style with Aurora Borealis Paper Towel Holder!

What is Aurora Borealis Paper Towel Holder? Aurora Borealis is a paper towel holder that listens to sounds and responds with an array of a beautiful light show painted above the sky around you. Aurora Borealis is super easy to use! Completely assembled and manufactured by hand in a quality controlled environment. 

The electronics, mechanical assembly, and firmware of Aurora Borealis is 100% hand crafted in the United States. 

Another quick way to explain Aurora Borealis Paper Towel Holder in one sentence is, it's a paper towel dispenser with RGB integrated lights and intelligence to respond to sound. Think about that? It's a light that works like a paper towel dispenser. It's a paper towel holder with an on board multi-color light system. Aurora Borealis Paper Towel Holder is kind of like the best of both worlds. 

Aurora Borealis Paper Towel dispenser is manufactured in many attractive colors to brighten up the space. The bottom has interchangeable adapters enabling it to grip to any surface. Included is the adapter to adhere to wood, metal, smooth surfaces, etc. In the photos you can see I'm showing off the suction cup feet. There are 4 suction cups which grip and hold firmly to most surfaces, preventing sliding around and slippage.

On board is a sealed eco-friendly, rechargeable lithium ion battery with over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection. A companied by an on and off switch with a micro USB charging port. Plug it in, charge it up, disconnect it and stage it anywhere for hours of fun!

The main thing I like about it is that the base is huge. The base is large enough to accommodate a full size roll of paper towel. Therefore, if you prefer using the thicker sized paper towel rolls opposed to the economy sized rolls, this base will still handle the entire larger or small rolls. 

Along the center shaft, you will notice these circular grippers / tension rollers. These grippers spin simultaneously while creating a bit of tension. The gripper doesn't just spin freely. Here's why that's important! Often on OTHER paper towel holders, you will actually have to place one hand on top of the paper towel, holding it in place. Using your other hand to tear off the paper towel. Creating a two hand process. The nice thing about the tension rollers is that the paper roll can still spin but gives it just enough tension for when you go to pull, you can actually tear one paper towel from the roll with one hand. Definitely a bonus for when you are cooking or washing your hands. This nice little bonus allows you that ability.

Here's the feature you have been sticking around to hear about. If you want to transform any boring room into something interesting keep listening. This paper towel holder can steal the spotlight in a living space. This is because the Aurora Borealis Paper Towel dispenser flashes out unanticipated lights spring boarding your home or office decor into another stratus sphere. It adds flashes of fun! It reacts to music, vibration, wind, and voices. Play your favorite jam! Sing around Aurora Borealis Paper Towel Holder! Talk to her and watch the room liven up with brilliant spontaneous blankets of color light.

Not only is it a fun party decoration. Teenagers are going to love it. Decorate their bed rooms. Decorate their desks. Decorate their dorm. This would be fun for college students. 

Aurora Borealis brings the northern lights allowing your child's space to become a calm and soothing environment after a day of overload.

How about if you live in a rental? Which most of us do. You don't have to worry about putting holes, nails, or screws into the walls, countertops, or stucco. It suction cups to most surfaces eliminating the need to damage rental property!

I can't wait to see what chefs, kitchen cooks, waiters, waitresses, and you do with Aurora Borealis.  

Aurora Borealis Paper Towel Holder is a brilliant idea for animal lovers who clean cages.

Also for the rest of us (dads, moms) who love the idea of cool lighting. It's also a fun way to clean and dance with lights either alone or during family time.

No matter who you are, you will love it!

Play your favorite song and watch as the subdued decor and lackluster events turn into an amazing arena of fun for everyone! Great for children spaces, kid's playroom, kitchens, bathroom, garages, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and so on and so forth. Get yours today! Share your videos to us about your unique use cases of vibrant fun, sweet pass times, and utter enjoyment!