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  • Led Paper Towel Holder Bathroom Kitchen
  • LED Intelligent Paper Towel Lamp Waterproof Night Light
  • LED towel bar
  • paper towel holder led lights
  • Paper Towel Holder LED Light Wall Mount Under Cabinet Counter Top
  • Paper Towel Holder LED Light Wall Mount Under Cabinet Counter Top
Aurora Borealis Paper Towel Holder


Build Time: 7 days


This is a very unique paper towel holder for your kitchen, bathroom, boat, patio, kids room, laundry room, and more. I could go on about the amazing use cases for such a singular and spectacular paper towel holder. I’ll refrain and try to keep this description to the features of Aurora Borealis Paper Towel dispenser. Some of which you will not find on another paper towel dispenser or paper towel holder.
The main thing I like about it is that the base is huge. The base is large enough to accommodate a full size roll of paper towel. Therefore, if you prefer using the thicker sized paper towel rolls opposed to the economy, this base will still handle the entire large or small rolls.
Aurora Borealis Paper Towel holder comes in many attractive colors to brighten up the space. The bottom has interchangeable adapters enabling it to grip to any surface. Included is the adapter to adhere to wood, metal, smooth surfaces, etc. In the photos you can see I’m showing off the suction cup feet. There are 4 suction cups which grip and hold firmly to most surfaces, preventing sliding around and slippage.
Along the center shaft, you’ll notice these circular grippers / tension rollers. These grippers spin simultaneously while creating a bit of tension. The gripper doesn’t just spin freely. Here’s why that’s important! Often on OTHER paper towel holders, you’ll actually have to place one hand on top of the paper towel, holding it in place. Using your other hand to tear off the paper towel. Creating a two hand process. The nice thing about the tension rollers is that the paper roll can still spin but gives it just enough tension for when you go to pull, you can actually tear one paper towel from the roll with one hand. Definitely a bonus for when you are cooking or washing your hands. This nice little bonus allows you that ability.
Here’s the feature you’ve been sticking around to hear about. If you want to transform any boring room into something interesting keep listening. This paper towel holder can steal the spotlight in a living space. This is because the Aurora Borealis Paper Towel dispenser flashes out unanticipated lights spring boarding your home or office décor into another stratus sphere. It adds flashes of fun! It reacts to music, vibration, wind, and voices. Play your favorite song watch subdued décor and lackluster events turn into amazing arena of fun for everyone. Great for children spaces, kid’s playroom, kitchens, bathroom, garages, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and so on and so forth. Get yours today and message your videos to us about your unique use cases of vibrant fun, sweet pass times, and utter enjoyment!

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