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  • Table top Tripod Quick Release Plate
  • Manfrotto 200PL-14 RC2 Rapid Connect Mounting Plate
  • DSLR SLR Digital Camera Tripod Quick Release Plate
  • Tripod Monopod Ball Head
  • Camera Mounting Adapter
  • Tripod Plate Adapter Multi Mount Light Stand
Tripod Smartphone Light Stand Multi Mounting Plate


Build Time: 2 days


The tripod mounting plate was conjured when I was filming social media videos. During this time, I was in need of a multifunctioning, light weight, quick release trapezoid plate to fit my tripods. In the beginning the mounting plate possessed a singular function: Hold the mobile phone and allow it to attach to the tripod.

The photography light stands I owned include these tiny tripods and these tripods, almost, always tip over and allowed the adjustable light to hit the ground. When these lights are positioned at certain angles to achieve the correct lighting the counter weight causes an immediate fall to the floor. This spawn the development to transform trapuhzoyd (trapezoid) into a professional filming light stand. Now, I’m armature at best, but I wanted to try to film like a PRO.

I own two tripods therefore I wanted to use one tripod to film/photography and the other to hold adjustable lighting or boom. I couldn’t get by with using the included adjustable lighting tripods. More often than not they were lousy on uneven surfaces, hills, stairs. It would eventually fall over on flat surfaces if the cord/cable was nicked. Anyone out there still using those included tripods know exactly what I am talking about.
That’s when trapezoid tripod transferred into a multi-mount. Now this light weight tripod plate allows me to convert a traditional tripod into a light stand/boom as well as hold my smart phone/camera. It is a very simple design, but yet, extremely versatile. I’ve held smart phones, flash heads, strobe, adjustable boom, mono-light, and assorted audio equipment. With more imagination than I, I’m certain that more can be held with this multifunctioning quick release tripod adapter.

What's in the pacakge:
1 × Trapuhzoyd (trapezoid) Quick release plate, which attaches to tripod
1 x Photography Adjustable Light accessory attachment, which allows for "some" photography lights to attach to tripod

Features & Function:

  • Net Weight: 0.875 oz (24.8 g)
  • 2/5 inches Attachment (to attach to your mobile devices)
  • Compatible with (US models) : 3030,3130,3160,3262QR,3407,3413QR,3435QR,3437 Manfrotto heads
  • Full Manfrotto 200-PL14 compatibility
  • Works with the manfrotto 322rc2
  • Attach/Detach quickly from your smart phone holder, camera, light stand, audio equipment
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plate size (approximately): 1.5 x 2 inches (4.2 cm x 5.2 cm)
  • Color: Buyers choice, we have an endless selection of colors. You can also mix and match to design your own multi-color trapezoid tripod holder.