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  • Google Controller charging dock
  • Dual Controller Charging Stand for Playstation 5
  • cyclone gaming controller charging dock
  • dualsense charger
  • xbox series x controller charger
  • scuf envision battery charger
  • howldr Controller Charging Station
  • scuf impact controller charger dock
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Charging Tower
  • multiple controller charging stand dock charger scuf envision cradle
  • Faster Charging Station Playstation 5 DualSense
  • SCUF Charging Cable
  • PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge Controller Charging Station
Controller Charging Station Extra Tier Docking Cradle


Build Time: 2 days


Need extra controller charging cradles? The charging tiers are compatible with maajuhlr and howldr Controller Charging Station. Select your color and controller. Everything you need is included to add the new cradle to your existing Multiple Controller Cross Platform Charging Station Dock:

  • Controller Charger
  • Secure, Organized Cradle
  • Cradle Release
  • Fast Charging Cord

The base cost you see of $0.98 is for the included wireless adapter, braided cable, electronics and USB port. Add the amount of additional cradles to your selection and don't forget to choose your color.

We made it easy for you. Open your package and then add your new cradle to give your new gaming controller a safe, secure, tidy, and organized home.

Howldr: Wall Mounted Controller Charging Station / Under Desk Charging Dock
Maajuhlr: Desktop Controller Charging Dock Stand
Extra Controller Cradles: Want to expand your existing Controller Battery Charger? Grab a new cradle.

Current compatible cradles for gaming controller & remote play devices. If you don't see your cradle listed, contact us. We'll make it happen.

  • SCUF Envision for PC / Computer (SCUFGAMING) Charging Station
  • SCUF Envision PRO for PC / Computer (SCUFGAMING) Charging Station
  • Xbox Series S/X Controller Family Microsoft game pad Charging Station
  • SCUF Reflex for PS5 PlayStation (SCUFGAMING) Charging Base
  • PlayStation PS5 DualSense Edge (Sony PlayStation 5 Controllers) Charger Replacement
  • PlayStation PS5 Controller (Sony PlayStation 5 Controllers) Charging Station
  • SCUFgaming Prestige (Xbox) Charging Station
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Controllers Charging Station
  • 8bitdo Ultimate Charging Station
  • Machenike G5 Pro Charging Station
  • Gulikit King Kong Pro 2 Charging Station
  • SCUF gaming Vantage 1 Controller Charging Station
  • Nintendo Switch Pro controllers Charging Dock
  • Microsoft Xbox One / S / X / ELITE Charging Tower
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X / S Charger Station
  • SCUF gaming Vantage 2 Controller Charger Station
  • SCUFGAMING Impact Controller Charger Station
  • SCUF Gaming Impact PRO Controller Charger Dock
  • SCUF Gaming Instinct Charger Dock
  • SCUF Gaming Instinct PRO Charger Dock
  • Gamesir T4 Cyclone Charger Dock
  • Gamesir T4 Cyclone PRO Charger Dock
  • 4 controller charging dock for the 8bitdo Lite2
  • SCUF Infinity4PS PRO PS4 Controller Charger
  • SCUF Infinity4PS PS4 Controller Charger
  • DUALSHOCK 4 PS4 PlayStation Charger