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Xbox Series X | S SCUF Prestige SCUF Instinct Charger Base Station Tower

scufgaming impact holderheadphone controller base station chargerThese pictures are from a customer of ours. This is a custom build. Yes, all of our builds are custom. However, this one is singular. The only one like this. Our normal custom builds don't have some of the specifications that we put into this personalized build. We worked very closely with our client to pull this one off.

This Multiple Controller Charging Base Station will charge three different controllers: Xbox Series X|S, SCUF Prestige, and SCUF Instinct. Topped off by the headphone holder where the Arctis 7X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox take up residence. Each video game accessory is organized and has a safe, secure space. It is jet-black from headphone holder through elevator along the legs and finally to the anti-slip non scratch cushion feet.

impact scuf docking station

The SCUF Prestige controller has all four paddles on it while it charges in the cradle. This is made possible by moulding the cradle to match the form factor of each controllers body style. No two controllers are the same in form factor. We like to say, its almost like holding the controller directly in your hand. Very safe and secure. The SCUF Instinct does not have removable paddles like the Prestige, but it along with the Xbox will charge simultaneously. The Steel Series Arctis 7X is wireless and connects via Bluetooth. However, if you were to use wired headsets then you may have noticed that you can charge while the headsets are still plugged in on any of the controllers.

top Desk Mounting Bracketscuf instinct charging dock

On one tier, the Instinct and Prestige are back to back. Allowing two controllers to occupy a single level on that one tier. Above those two SCUF controllers would be the Xbox Series X.
controller display charging rack
These very impressive photos took our breath away.