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Smooth & easy mobility for your PC case is now a reality

Why is it? That you would go through so much trouble to customize your Tower Computer Case for gaming, home, or your office; but when it comes to the Computer Tower Case Stand, you settle for something mediocre?

Interchanj PC Tower Stand is a must have Computer Tower Stand!

We all love our PC but not always have space on our desk to put it on. Guess what, Interchanj will allow you the opportunity to put your computer where ever you like! If you want your computer on the floor? Interchanj will allow it. If you want your computer to sit on top of your desk? Interchanj will not have a problem with that either. Interchanj is the only Computer Tower Stand that will allow you to have your PC on the floor or desktop. Hence, the name, Interchanj!

Most of the time PC Setups have to place the Full Tower Gaming Computer Case on the ground. Some Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case have been known to suffer on the carpet under the desk.  It's always a struggle to move the Tower Computer Case out when needed. Usual tower is heavy and with different cables plugged into the PC.

Interchanj goal achieves it's goal! Solving these pain spot for as many PC, Gaming, Office, and Gamer users as possible.

  • Different Tower Sizes - there are endless varieties of computer cases that people have. The solution is Interchanj! Interchanj covers the full range within which most of the MID and FULL tower computer cases fall into.
  • Stability - it's essential to have a stable support for the tower computer case. Most of the tower computer cases have some kind of legs, therefore the Interchanj stand has 4 connecting corner with an adequate amount of surface to support the PC case. No hanging or unstable placement on the stand. Interchanj has hexagonal pads to stabilize and snug your mid to full tower gaming computer case.    
  • Ease of access and movement - PC tower cases have I/O on front and back, but if the tower is under the table or desk it's not that easy to get an access to those areas of that PC tower case. Solution is to use Interchanj lockable wheels, so that it's extremely easy to roll the tower around without any lifting. The other alternative is take the wheels off Interchanj and place the mid or full gaming computer case on top of the table. On the desktop, Interchanj provide vibration dampening to absorb any vibration caused by ramping fans, tweaked GPU, and overclocked CPU. In case you do not need to move the case, just either lock the 360 degrees smooth rolling wheels or take the wheels off and use the vibration dampers; and it will be where you need it; safely and secure.    
  • Airflow - some modern computer cases have fans on the bottom, therefore it's essential to allow air to reach this place. When the Interchanj Tower Gaming Computer Case Stand  is expanded to the bigger size it will have a lot of open space under the case. Interchanj Computer Tower Stand in the smallest position also provides gap between all the supporting plates, so that no airflow is restricted! As a bonus no dust will accumulate under tower when using Interchanj Computer Tower Stand, since the tower is above ground.    
  • Assembly - it is essential to have a simple and quick assembly process, preferably without external tools. Interchanj arrives at your door step well package and ready to use when it is taken from it's delivery box.
  •   Appearance - we all want to see the computer case in all its beauty, therefore Interchanj not only aims to enhance the original beauty of the PC Tower Case. It boosts it with fabulous bright LED lights accompanied by a remote.  Reduce visibility normally happens when you place your PC under the table; this is why Interchanj allows you to keep your PC on the desktop! Interchanj is the only stand under the tower that can work both on the floor or on the table.