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Pahm Phone Mount Clip for use with Scuf Gaming Reflex Series Controller

Phone Mount Clip for use with Scuf Gaming Reflex Series Controller
gaming playstation5 dualsense edge mobile phone   
Pahm is the Mount or clip for mobile gaming with Scuf Reflex
DualSense Edge Phone Mount

Pahm phone clip is sturdy clip arm adjusts easily on the fly, while still gaming on Scuf Reflex / DualSense Edge, and detaches/attaches quickly for tabletop gaming. The tensioned grip holds your phone securely in place and has endured hours of testing to ensure that your phone and screen stay secure and safe.


Phone Mount Clip for use with Scuf Gaming Reflex Series Controller

DualSense Edge Phone Mount

  • No modification: Pahm connects directly to existing Scuf Reflex / DualSense Edge case without modifying the Reflex / Edge series controller shell.
  • Pahm Phone Mount: Pahm Phone Mount Clip is custom designed for use on Scuf Reflex controller & PS5 DS5 Edge controller
  • Gaming in Comfort: You can now use your Scuf Reflex / DualSense Edge controller in comfort whether at home or gaming on the go
  • Adjustable: The phone mount can be adjusted to give the perfect viewing angle and minimize glare
  • Perfect for any Smartphone: The Scuf Reflex / DualSense Edge Controller Phone Mount is compatible with iPhones, Android, and most other smartphones
  • Magsafe Magnetic Wireless Charger: Fully compatible with Magsafe Charger
At a Glance

The Pahm Phone Mount can be fully adjusted to give the perfect viewing angle and minimize glare. Designed to distribute the phone's weight over the controller to significantly reduce hand fatigue. Offers a great mobile gaming experience.

Secure Phone Grip

Grips your smartphone device with four gripping fingers. Similar to how a basket player palms a basketball. Distributes pressure evenly across the phone. Features grip pads to reduce pressure on your device and doesn't leave marks or scratches. Designed to not obstruct the phone's screen for a full clear view of your smartphones screen. Suitable for most phones, maximum width is approximately 3.95 inches (100mm).

Magnetic Wireless Charger Compatible

Keep your smartphone's battery fully charged is a snap with Pahm. Keep your battery perfectly charged while your phone is grip into Pahm. Pahm has a built in area that allows you to snap your Magsafe right into the base. All you need is install your phone and go.


Features precision cutouts for full access to your controller's functions and ports, including: all buttons, charging port, and microphone jack port. So you can get the full Scuf Reflex / DualSense Edge mobile gaming experience while on the go. QUICK RELEASE CLIP
Easily secures on to the Scuf Reflex / DualSense Edge controller with no risk of scratches. Features an easy quick connection/disconnection mount for when you're storing the Scuf Reflex / DualSense Edge controller away or switching.



Set Pahm Phone Mount up to its full height - so you don't need to slouch over the controller. When you're done playing, compact it down to easily store away. Locks securely in place with built in gears so you can lock in the height that's perfect for you.


Utilizes a ball joint for a full range of movement. Reduce screen glare and neck strain by positioning it to the best angle for you. Once you've found your perfect angle just lock it in to place using the gear.

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