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Pahm Mobile Gaming Clip for SCUF Reflex Wireless Controller Gamepad

Let's talk about remote playing.

Switching to Android from console, or switching to iPhone IOS from console doesn't include the transparency of using the same gamepad mapping of the stock controller. In fact, it doesn't include the console gamepad at all!

By stock controller, I mean gamepads designed for console. Mainly Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. But what if it could? What if you could still play the best mobile games remotely on your Android/iPhone while using a SCUF Reflex Controller? All while maintaining the same profile, mapping, triggers, jump, slide, crouch and all that? What if you could use your SCUF Gaming Reflex FPS or PRO on your Android or IOS? What if&?

For over a decade, SCUF has been the name on any gamer's mind when thinking of third party, customizable controllers. With its signature paddles and customization, the controllers allow gamers to personalize the most important part of their gaming experience while also elevating it for more hardcore play. What if you could translate that to mobile gaming? Would you dominate? PAHM will help you answer that question.

Mobile gaming on your phone often offers the flexibility of gaming everywhere just using touchscreen controls. Can we be real for a second, there's nothing better than gaming with a trusty controller in hand! That's why PAHM is so important. PAHM allows the best option mobile gaming to be the PRO console controller. PAHM lets you play all your favorite mobile games remotely using SCUF Reflex DualSense.

When you consider everything that the PAHM Mobile Gaming Clip for SCUF Gaming Reflex Controller brings to the table - Bluetooth and wired connections, four multifunction back/rear paddles that can be remapped to fit your needs, hair-trigger mode for both left and right triggers, PAHM phone mount with a 360-degree tilt for comfortable viewing angles, the ability to hold multiple phone with a single PAHM. A tight hold, Adjustable angles, maximum fit, tactical feel, haptic response, dual adjustments, and more - the only thing that might give you pause is the cosmetic look.

PAHM Mobile Gaming Clip for SCUF Gaming Reflex Controller is a pro controller experience that feels perfectly balanced in your hand with a phone mounted to SCUF Reflex. That makes this a great controller mounting clip for extended gaming sessions, as does much wider rotation angles. That alone offers more than any other Sony DualSense phone mount. While using PAHM the grip does not block the volume controls. PAHM allows you access to SCUF Reflex back paddles and all top and side buttons to maintain the console gaming experience while using your mobile phone.

It may not seem like much, but being able to angle your phone exactly how you want it while playing is key to a fun experience, so it's nice to see PAHM go the extra mile.

Now you don't have to worry about rewiring your brain to remember another set of buttons, keys, paddles - game map from one controller platform to the other. Your binds will pretty much remain the same. Now you can go seamlessly from your console to your mobile phone and game like demigod on the go while playing your favorite games remotely.

While most controller phone mounts will fit any phone, PAHM offering guarantees it will fit SCUF Reflex to connect your mobile device. With PAHM you won't be left out of remote play time while using a console SCUF DualSense Reflex. Available for DualSense Edge controller also.

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