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Interchanj Computer Tower Stand 2 in 1 Desktop Under Desk Mid Full Case

  •  PERFECT FIT FOR ANY TOWER – Interchanj is the only Computer PC Stand that works both under the table or on top. Interchanj is custom made to fit mid and full tower gaming computer cases.  Stand can be adjusted both in Width and Length (Depth) and securely locked in place to fit most modern ATX, Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL, CLX P500A cases and more. Adjust PC Stand to fit the case, place it on the stand and forget about this question forever.
  • EXCELLENT STABILITY AND STURDINESS – High quality and arrives assembled with strong support frame which provides a solid base to safely accommodate your PC case. Wide corner supporting plates provide plenty of surface to fit PC legs while side walls and padding prevent any undesired movement on the stand and protects from the scratches.
  • AIRFLOW IMPROVEMENT – Open bottom structure allows your PC to easily breathe the air that it desperately needs on the ground. Extra clearance significantly improves computers performance, reduces the temperature and over time prevents the dust from accumulating under and around the PC case.
  • GREAT MOBILITY - Top quality wheels work great both on hard floors and carpets. Move your Full or Mid-Tower with confidence as much as you desire and forget about heavy lifting. When you do not need to move your case just lock the wheels and securely leave it in any location.
  • LOW PROFILE – Customize this stand to fit your set up. You've spent tons of money making your PC look fabulous. Interchanj is the only computer stand that will help you enhance that look and feel with bright RGB LED lights and custom color frame work to suit your vibe. Attractive aesthetics while helping the stand to blend into any environment and not steal attention from your case.