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Interchanj Computer PC CPU Tower Stand 2 in 1 Width and Depth Adjustable

Interchanj Computer Tower Stand that you actually need!

This PC stand is exactly what you have been looking for. No matter what case size, you can easily customize the stand to perfectly fit your PC. You went through all the trouble to purposely not buy a cookie cutter Tower Gaming Computer Case for your set up. Why buy an appeal stealing ugly stand to sit your PC atop?

Interchanj is the only 2 in 1 fully customizable computer tower stand that works both on the desk and floor. It will not still the favor appeal the PC needs. It will enhance it with RGB LED Lights and custom colors. Each part on Interchanj can be made any color to match your PC setup environment.

Interchanj will accommodate smaller Mid PC towers and huge Full-sized computer cases. There is no need to assemble stand. Once it arrives remove it from it's well packaged container and use it right away! No tools, tape measure or complicated instructions needed! Interchanj provides the ultimate convenience in not wasting your time on case stand assembly.  

Smooth and Easy movement is guaranteed. 360 degree wheels  along with vibration dampening pads are included with every Interchanj Tower Gaming Computer Case Stand. You are ready to roll your PC around with a breeze or place it stationary on the floor or a top your desk.

Wheels are lockable, therefore you can always lock it and it will be securely in place until next time. Wheels were carefully selected to be maneuverable on all possible surfaces, no matter if you have high fibers on carpet or tiled floor. Feel confident it will be easy to roll around! We thought about your case and what it needs. For superior protection and to reduce any vibrations this stand comes with padding.

Open bottom structure reduces dust and increases airflow

Walls on the stand guarantee your case will be secured on this PC cart.   Would be great if you could only see your case and nothing else? We thought about that too. Full color and RGB LED light customization makes it easy for this tower holder to blend into any environment, most likely you will not notice that your PC is standing on something. Who besides us will know if it is standing on something down there? Interchanj PC stand will be a great improvement to your setup. Give it a try, you will be happily surprised and will be left wondering how did you live without this before!?