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Impact SCUF Controller Charger Station Fast Charging Dock Station Cradle

Playstation PS5 PS4 Controller under desk mountcharge scuf controller 4 paddle cradleThis charging and dock station was built specifically for the SCUF Impact, SCUF Vantage 1, and SCUF Vantage 2. With this Mount Holder Hanger for SCUF Game Controllers, you can charge your SCUF without removing any of the 4 paddles.

This Multi Controller Charging Stand comes in two flavors.

scuf impact holderIt's the best way to charge "many" SCUF controllers at the same time (on one charging dock station):

  • Built in intelligent protection chip to prevent over-current, over-heat, over-voltage and short-circuit and will never over-charge your controllers.
  • Efficient Charging and Storage: Charge Impact / Vantage SCUF controllers. When not in use, it doubles as a storage station, keeping your desk neat and spacious. Each controller will display brilliantly on your desk or underneath the desk, giving your gaming setup / battle station that unique look you've been looking for; to separate yourself from the pack.
  • Mounting / Docking: Underneath Table, Under Desk Top, or on top. You can mount or place this charging station almost anywhere in your gaming room.
  • Simultaneously Charge: You can charge any amount of controllers at once. Add more cradles as your controller collection grows.
  • Charging Indicator: The LED charging indicator lets you know when your controllers are charging (red) and when they're fully charged (green).
  • Fast Charging: With a short charging time you won't have to wait long to get back to gaming. And with the charging cradle, you can be sure your controllers will charge quickly, safely, and efficiently.
  • Each cradle is specifically designed to the form factor and geometric design of the individual controller. This means it will grip your controller and hold it safely like no other charging station. Have an ease of mind knowing your controller is safe and secure.
  • Easy to Use: Simply place your Impact SCUF or Vantage SCUF controllers into the charging dock and connect the USB power cable to your PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation console. Charging starts immediately, so you can get back to gaming in no time.
  • Compatibility and Support: This charger is designed specifically for Impact SCUF and Vantage SCUF controllers. If you have any questions or concerns, our 24-hour online mail service is here to help.

Have you found yourself asking, "What battery packs work with the Instinct Pro" Well look no further. Now this Multiple Charging Dock for Console Controllers has been expanded to work with SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct PRO. Furthermore, when you order the SCUF Instinct Charging Station, we'll also include the rechargeable battery. Now you'll have everything you need to charge your Instinct SCUF as well as your Impact SCUF. It's all in one box, so you don't have to go to multiple stores or ask several people what you need. Instinct SCUF Charging Station has the rechargeable battery and charging station in one convenient box.

Console / PC Controller Charging Stand Dock Station has been expanded further. To accommodate even more gaming controllers in the modern market:

  • Xbox Series S/X Controller Family Microsoft game pad
  • SCUF Reflex for PS5 PlayStation (SCUFGAMING)
  • PlayStation PS5 DualSense Edge (Sony Playstation 5 Controllers)
  • PlayStation PS5 Controller (Sony Playstation 5 Controllers)
  • SCUFgaming Prestige
  • Sony Playstation 4 Controllers
  • 8bitdo Ultimate
  • Machenike G5 Pro
  • Gulikit King Kong Pro 2
  • SCUF gaming Vantage 1 controller
  • Nintendo Switch Pro controllers
  • Microsoft Xbox One / S / X / ELITE
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X / S
  • SCUF gaming Vantage 2 controller
  • SCUFGAMING Impact Controller
  • SCUF Gaming Impact PRO Controller
  • SCUF Gaming Instinct
  • SCUF Gaming Instinct PRO
  • Gamesir T4 Cyclone
  • Gamesir T4 Cyclone PRO
  • 4 controller charging dock for the 8bitdo Lite2

It's the best way to charge multiple controllers at the same time:

    • Built in intelligent protection chip to prevent over-current, over-heat, over-voltage and short-circuit and will never over-charge your controllers.
    • High quality dock features cradle to fit the contour of your controller; what's better, is that this acts as a USB pass through so you don't actually have to take the controller off the dock during controller updates! Just plug the dock into your Console or PC and it'll act as a dock to charge your controller.
    • A detachable headphone holder can be added to the charging base for easy storage of gaming headsets.
    • You can charge controllers simultaneously.
    • There are little magnets inside the docking station help align the controller, so that's helpful when placing the controller for charging. 
    • Zero insertion, which is great for people with disabilities like arthritis and such.
    • Built in LED indicator to show the charging status: red for charging and green for fully charged.
    • Soft LED light bar at the side of the dock that indicates the controller is charging.
    • There's a rubber pad (anti slip) underneath the dock to keep it from sliding around on a desk. Great for one hand removal and insertion.

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