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Gaming Controller Under Desk Mount Universal Bracket Holder Mount

This universal mount can be used to mount your gaming controller under the desk of your work from home (WFH) or gaming station. Designed to be compatible with the following console controllers: SCUFGAMING, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4 / PS5 controllers, Google Stadia controller, and more. 

Ideal for unique, custom gaming set ups - utilizes unused space for discreet storage of your controllers helping to keep your gaming area tidy and organized. Simply mounts to the underside of your desk using either the provided four self tapping screws or you can use double sided adhesive tape (not provided) to avoid leaving screw holes in your desk. Once gtx-howldr is securely mounted you will be able to cradle your gaming controller in and out of the appropriate tier. Each cradle is custom made and hand assembled to charge and hold your PRO Gaming controller securely: Battle Beaver, Evil, Xbox controllers, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia controllers, and more.

Multiple controllers can be mounted at a time in this bracket. Add more cradles to fit your headphones and other controllers. Build the perfect beautiful controller display to showcase your controller collection while keeping each controller charge and secure. If you wish to mount more than one controller, simply order the necessary quantity of cradles you require. You can always add cradles later if you don't want to order more than one now. Cradles charging docking stations are sold separately for your convenience.

If you don't want the controller mounted under the desk, we also have an on desk (on top of the desk / desk top) version for your convenience. Also available in custom colors and with multiple or single tiers (full charging Universal controller station).