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Gaming Controller Charging Stand for SCUF Envision SCUFF Gamepad Docking

scuf impact controller desk holder chargerAn easier way to recharge your SCUF Envision gaming controllers. In theory we could have gone with the status quo look of all main stream controller charging docks, stations, and stands. We wanted our charging station to fit the contour of your gaming controller precisely. The same way as your hand holds the gaming controller, secure. Embracing every facet of the gaming controller form factor. The cradles of this charging station are designed directly to fit each unique shape of the body of your gaming controllers. Holding the controller safely and securely while it charges. Plus it shows off your controller and headphones too. Not a bad plus. Right?Gaming Headset Controller Charging Stand

The Cradles of this Charge Station attaches to the elevator. In theory you can connect as many different console controllers onto one elevator; creating your own unique charging station. Each level holding its own brand controller. Meaning you can charge PlayStation controllers with Nintendo, or Xbox controllers with PlayStation, or all together. You get the point, right?

You can charge controllers with Micro-USB, Type C USB, Mini-USB, and more. The console controllers can be placed into the cradle with zero insertion force. Which is guided by the magnets to make an easy drop and charge functionality. The Cradle Charge Station is powered by new generation nylon braided USB cables. This cable is plugged into the ports on the console (or charging brick) and contains a pass-through to preserve their functionality. The sleek design of the Cradle Charge Station saves space and conforms to the gaming room decor. We have two main designs for the charging station.
You can't go wrong with either one. As a plus, they both interchange with one another. For instance if you get the desk top version then you can use those cradles with the underneath the desk version, or vice versa. If you'd like to buy both, reach out to us for an immediate discount. We love helping you save money.
  • Charge 1, 2, or more controllers simultaneously
  • Utilizes Micro-USB, Type C USB, Mini-USB, etc system for convenient, drop and charge functionality
  • Unique modular design attaches to elevator and can be adjust vertically, horizontally, and 360 degrees
  • Utilizes most USB ports for power, no AC cord or wall outlet needed
  • USB 3.0 provides a quick charge along with QC 2.0 Charging and Data Transfer
  • Pass-through port preserves functionality of the USB ports
  • Seamlessly matches the design and form factor of the controller
  • Compatible with other gadgetronx controller holders and charging stations
impact scuf controller top desk holderWe love custom work. Feel welcome to message us if you don't see something that you need for your gaming setup. Everything can be customized at NO additional fee: color, shape, size, length, controller port type, etc. Design time turn around is rapidly fast so we don't keep you waiting. We'd love to hear from you. Current supported controllers are below:
  • SCUF Envision for PC / Computer (SCUFGAMING)
  • SCUF Envision PRO for PC / Computer (SCUFGAMING)
  • Xbox Series S/X Controller Family Microsoft game pad
  • SCUF Reflex for PS5 PlayStation (SCUFGAMING)
  • PlayStation PS5 DualSense Edge (Sony PlayStation 5 Controllers)
  • PlayStation PS5 Controller (Sony PlayStation 5 Controllers)
  • SCUFgaming Prestige (Xbox)
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Controllers
  • 8bitdo Ultimate
  • Machenike G5 Pro
  • Gulikit King Kong Pro 2
  • SCUF gaming Vantage 1 controller
  • Nintendo Switch Pro controllers
  • Microsoft Xbox One / S / X / ELITE
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X / S
  • SCUF gaming Vantage 2 controller
  • SCUFGAMING Impact Controller
  • SCUF Gaming Impact PRO Controller
  • SCUF Gaming Instinct
  • SCUF Gaming Instinct PRO
  • Gamesir T4 Cyclone
  • Gamesir T4 Cyclone PRO
  • 4 controller charging dock for the 8bitdo Lite2