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DualSense Edge Phone Mount Clip iPhone Android Magsafe Mobile Holder

BOT Alert! DualSense Edge PS5 Controller Mobile Gaming Clip mounts Android smart phone, iPhone, and other mobile devices directly to DS5 controller for loads of fun during PlayStation 5 Remote Play.

mobile gamer scuf reflex phone clip

Are you that Total PRO on the PS5 console? Enhancing Your Gaming Experience on cell phone with PAHM Mobile Gamer Mount.

mobile gaming cradle playstation ps5 dualsense edge

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) Remote Play feature unlocks the potential of gaming flexibility, allowing players to stream their PS5 games to mobile devices (such as mobile phones). Bring your console skills to mobile gaming with PAHM phone mount and DualSense Edge. PAHM gaming accessory is ergonomically designed to allow use of PS5 DualSense Edge controller for mobile gaming remotely. Simply attach PAHM to the DualSense Edge controller, pop on a mobile device like iPhone or Android Smart Phone. The PAHM holder instantly connects the PS5 DS5 Edge controller to a cell phone.

Pahm Phone Holder Mobile mount clip Scuf Reflex Pro FPS Paddle Control

The PAHM Phone Mount enables you to clip your Mobile Phone, Android or iPhone to the DualSense Edge PS5 controller for a better gaming experience. Please make sure your IOS / Android device has the latest firmware update to enjoy PS5 DualSense Edge PlayStation 5 Remote Play compatibility. Connect the DualSense PlayStation 5 controller with your IOS / Android device through Bluetooth for use with PS Remote Play.

PAHM mobile phone holder can be Adjusted to give the perfect viewing angle. Adjust the angle of the screen from 0-180 degrees and beyond for the perfect DualSense Edge controller or mobile game controller play experience.

PAHM controller phone mount clamp is suitable for most modern phones (iPhone IOS & Android Smartphone), a must have PS5 accessory for mobile gaming.