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Controller Charing Dock Station Rack Multiple Tier Stand for SCUF Xbox

High Quality Multi Console Controller Charging Dock. It is a universal charging dock. With this controller charging station - Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, GAMESIR, SCUF, 8bitdo, PlayStation Portal, Headsets, Headphones, and other accessories can display, securely together while refreshing the game pad battery.

Considering using the charging station as a single dock, dual dock, or multiple dock. Maximum tier are not limited to 4 levels. This docking station can achieve infinite tiers. As your controllers, headphones, or accessory collection grows add another cradle to accommodate for your new device.

  • High quality dock features cradle to fit the contour of your controller; what's better, is that this acts as a USB pass through so you don't actually have to take the controller off the dock during controller updates! Just plug the dock into your Console or PC and it'll act as a dock to charge your controller.
  • There are little magnets inside the docking station help align the controller, so that's helpful when placing the controller for charging. This could be why in the videos it appears as zero insertion, which is great for people with disabilities like arthritis and such.
  • There's a soft LED light bar at the side of the dock that indicates the controller is charging, which is a nice touch in my opinion.
  • There's a rubber pad underneath the dock to keep it from sliding around on a desk. Great for one hand removal and insertion.
Therefore if you tire of controllers everywhere and can't find the controller you want when you need that controller. Video game collecting on multiple console platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo) has led to a serious issue of excessive amounts of gaming controllers. To solve this Problem the Multiple Console Controller Charging Station will neatly stack each gaming controller safely on it's own tier, charging and display. A large verity of controllers can be organized into a beautiful tower montage of controllers and headphones. There is no maximum amount of controllers that can stored on this controller charging station. Which means you can go with the single charging station stand, dual charging station stand, four, eight, or maybe even 20 controllers. 

  • Each tier can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Each tier can move vertically up and down
  • Wireless charge gaming controllers to refresh dead batteries
  • Works with various generation of PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo (including Wii tier), etc.
  • Works with Type C USB, Mini USB, Micro USB (for other USB types please contact us)
  • Headphone/Headset Crown option
In case that isn't enough? Here is some more information about the Multi Console Charging Dock Station:
  • Universal / Multiple Controller Holder, works with PC, PS4, PS5, SWITCH, and XBOX console controller gamepads
  • The solution to the problem: I have different gamepads for all kinds of game devices, such as PS4, PS5, SWITCH, XBOX and PC games. Nowhere to store them. The Solution: Set up a home for them, a universal gamepad holder which has one to 4 tier with cradles to charge each video game controller.
  • Space Saving: This universal controller charger makes good use of the upward space, allowing the base to be placed anywhere on your desk, table top, or cabinet. Need more space, add more tiers to convenience organize and give your controllers a safe and secure home. Keep your game setup and battle station tidier with Controller Charging Dock Station Rack Multi Tier Stand Paddle Headset.
  • Simple but Stable: The style base makes the stand more stable and reliable, it is not easy to fall over during the handling of each video game controller.
  • Careful and Reliable: Non slip cradles wireless charge each controller while the controller is being displayed for public viewing. The base is padded to prevent scratches on the desktop.
  • The charging station is universal. It will work with Elite series controller, SCUF Impact, Impact PRO, SCUF Vantage 1, Vantage 2, SCUF Instinct. New cradles are being added all the time, if  your controller isn't listed - message us and we'll make it for you (free of charge)
  • Gaming controllers made by SCUF can store conveniently and charged in one location.
  • Efficient Charging and Storage: Charge SCUF Instinct, Impact, Vantage SCUF controllers. When not in use, it doubles as a storage station, keeping your desk neat and spacious.
  • Mounting / Docking: On Table top, on Desk Top, or on cabinet top.
  • Simultaneously Charge: You can charge any amount of controllers at once. Add more cradles as your controller collection grows.
  • Charging Indicator: The LED charging indicator lets you know when your controllers are charging (red) and when they're fully charged (green).
  • Fast Charging: With a short charging time you won't have to wait long to get back to gaming. And with the charging cradle, you can be sure your controllers will charge quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy to Use: Simply place your Impact SCUF or Vantage SCUF controllers into the charging dock and connect the USB power cable to your PS4, PS5, PC, or PlayStation console. Charging starts immediately, so you can get back to gaming in no time.
  • Compatibility and Support: This charger is designed specifically for Impact SCUF and Vantage SCUF controllers. If you have any questions or concerns, our 24-hour online mail service is here to help.