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Controller Charging Dock for Pro Controller SCUF Battle Beaver Hex etc

Impact Vantage Scuf Fast Charging Dock StationYou maybe saying why did this company decide to make a over popular device that already has a large market with no potential to sell. I'll tell you why in one word "REPAIR". Repairs, you may repeat rhetorically? What is this company going on about? Undocumented and unproven, but just ask a friend of a friend of a friend; and you'll find out what I'm on about.

Gaming Controller Under Desk Mount Universal BracketMost video game controllers spend more time at the REPAIR shop than in the palms of your sweaty hands during a gaming session. Why? Well because most of us don't care to read the user manual. Stick with me, I'm about to make this point...

Either Sony, Microsoft, nor Nintendo - and I quote. Specifically advise in their manuals to "ONLY CHARGE the official battery by console with a USB C (or Micro USB) wire or official charger" The power supply of these sources will only give the correct voltage to charge the controller battery.

You may say but my controller has a regulation system built into it. Shouldn't that be good enough? To answer that I would say take a look at the local controller repair shop and ask them what their number one money maker is? REPAIRING failed controller batteries that prematurely die within the life span of gamer's video gaming journey. Sad, but true.

I never and mean never ever heard of a power supply being built into a controller or regulation system that could work perfectly to extend the life of a controller's battery. Most charging stations are cheap generic third party logo replacements, that aren't built with quality in mind. Why go out and spend $200.00 plus on a PRO controller only to buy a $20.00 cheaply made controller charging station? Well, I don't have the answer to that because I (myself) wouldn't hear of it as my choice. You can write me and let me know why you would ever trust it?USB Charger Cable SCUF Gaming Impact

Back to my point, why did I build this overly done product in the first place. Well it wasn't my idea to waste quality time and resources to build such a mundane product that you could find anywhere. However, I was approached several times to do so. More recently a friend of mine who owns a SCUFGAMING Impact, said I'm tired of sending my gaming pad in for repair. I don't have my controller for days and I miss out on all of the latest game releases. There was more said, but you get the point. So finally I said, I'll give it a go. Can't have this guy throwing all his money at repairs and missing time with his controller, right?

Thus, my version of what I think a controller charging station should look like... I started off only building for SCUF Impact in mind, consequently it worked for Vantage also. Shortly there after it became, "Every other controller charging station" for the PlayStation, SCUFGAMING, Xbox, Nintendo. You name the controller and I'm sure we've got a cradle for it. If not, we can build one in a fair amount of time (with quality and research). Thus far into the production process, it's been a honor to have built charging docks for the following controllers SCUF Impact, SCUF Vantage, SCUF Reflex, Hex Rival, SCUF Prestige, Aim V3, Battle Beaver, SCUF Instinct, Hypr, Evil, and mostly all PRO controllers with paddles or buttons on the back that can't fix or have trouble docking into the other charging stations.

SCUF Gaming PS4 PS5 Controller Holder Under Desk ShelfWhy is my controller charging dock so special, you might say? Well it isn't, I just come from a school of keep it simple and read the manual. Therefore, instead of trying to build my own regulatory system to govern how much current punches into your system. I decided that I'd let this charging station, do just that. Allow your gaming system (PC or console) to do what it was designed for which is regulate the current/voltage pumped into your controllers battery. I'm not saying that's all it's designed for, but its an aspect that the manual says it does efficiently. 

I use a high quality inspected braided hair charging cable to get the voltage from your charging source (PC or console) to your precious controller. According to the people who've reviewed this charging dock, that important additive to this charging station, "equals less trips to the REPAIR shop for dead battery repairs."

If you have a pro controller with buttons such as the SCUFGAMING, Hex gaming, Battle Beaver, Hypr, AIM, Dual Sense controller with paddles, or other controller/pro controller; and you don't mind using the accessory port at the bottom of the gamepad then you might find this charging system beneficial for your gaming set up also. It perfectly allows controllers with a paddle system to fit into a cradle and charge the internal battery properly to the correct amount specified by the manual.

Charging dock scuff reflex scufgamingThe most important thing about this charger that everyone seems to like is... You don't have to turn your PRO controller upside down. Why spend all that money customizing the appearance of your PRO controller to have it facing downward while charging the battery? How can one appreciate the exotic paint job, detailed buttons, color scheme of that $200.00 plus price tag while it dangles upside down? Any ways, just some thoughts I wanted to share about gtx-howldr. You be the judge.

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