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Computer Tower Stand PC Tower Stand Interchanj

Interchanj Adjustable PC Tower Cart With RGB - Mobile Led Computer Riser With Wheels - Gaming CPU Case Light Up Stand - Custom Sized
cpu pc stand lights computer case LED Computer Desktop Case CPU Rolling Stand Adjustable Cart Holder Elevate Floor wheels gaming cpu tower light up Computer Tower Stand
Interchanj PC Tower Cart RGB - Mobile Led Computer Riser With Wheels - Gaming CPU Case Light Up Stand

Interchanj CPU Rolling Stand Computer Tower Cart
Mobile PC Holder, Desktop Case Rolling Dolly on Casters
Computer Host Stand with Wheels Under Home Office Desk

$147.32Retail Value: $234.49

Product Detail

Interchanj Computer Tower Stand is a 2 in 1 PC Stand that can be either located atop your desk or floor. Increase Tower Case Airflow, Aesthetics, Mobility, distance farfar from dust, Stability, & RGB Lights.

Interchanj has dimension (depth/length) changes to suit nearly any Full to middle Tower gamer's case. Every Interchanj build is custom-made with paint, several choices and size preferences to fit your distinctive gaming setup, office, or home decor.

Are you looking for a tower CPU case mount for desktop computers to free up space on your desk for your monitor? Or to make more room for your VR build and other computer gaming accessories; PLUS LOOK COOL while doing it! Interchanj desk/under desk, Dolly is a must in this situation. Interchanj can be designed for practically every PC lover. Interchanj is an all-in-one desktop pc stand (and floor pc stand) for gamers who love to decorate their gaming room or pc setup area in style!


  • 180 - Days Warranty - We strive to provide you with the highest quality Interchanj Computer Tower Stand and the best customer experience
  • 180 days money back guarantee with 180 days free replacement warranty, so enjoy your risk free purchase.
  • Simple & Practical - Interchanj CPU stand designed to support and elevate most Full Tower Gaming Computer Case or Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case PC's off the floor or desktop.
  • Elevates your computer tower nearly 6" above the floor.
  • Interchanj CPU computer cart is made with environmental colors, strong bearing ability and stable construction.
  • Storing the CPU atop your desk, under or beside your desk.
  • Saves desktop space
  • Prevents dampness and electric leakage.
  • The hollow bottom design of Interchanj increases airflow.
  • Maximum Airflow Intake: Your PC will achieve maximum air intake and increase cooling.
  • Increases PC Airflow intake up to 3 to 5 times.
  • Mobile Design - 4 to 6 360 degree swiveling casters on Interchanj computer rolling cart built to improve mobility and stability, easier access to back of the computer, and convenient for you to clean up the ground.
  • 360? rotating wheels - easily move anything on top around: purse, computer, DJ speaker, file cabinet, Full Tower Gaming Computer Case, Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case, etc.
  • 2 inch 360 quiet rotation caster, with floor protection (no scratches to your floor: wood and hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile or short-hair carpet)
  • Can be used on hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile or short-hair carpet
  • Fits under the desk!! Interchanj is a 2 in 1 Tower Gaming Computer Case Stand
  • Fits on desktop!! Interchanj is a 2 in 1 Tower Gaming Computer Case Stand
  • Ideal for computer cases that have air vents on the bottom, rear, and side - allows air to flow for optimal cooling
  • USB Powered (connect directly to computer or any 5V DC power source). Alternative power adapter source not included, but can work with any rated 5V DC power adapter.
  • Comes with RGB Remote Control
  • 100% Customizable to your Tower Gaming Computer Case
  • Size Specification - Depth and Width is determined based on your current Full, MID, or Small Tower Gaming Computer Case
  • Fully assembled out of the box, with bright RGB lights, wheels, and vibration dampening.
  • Easy installation - Installation does not require the use of screwdriver, excellent quality controlled, pre-installed metal nuts and screws.
  • Installation in less than 2 minutes.
  • Bright LED RGB Colors
  • Control brightness/intensity
  • Speed up or slow down LED
  • Flash, Fade, Auto, Slow and quick are some of the many features included with the RGB LED Lights.
  • Fully customizable. The 2 center bars are adjustable to fit any size RIG, PC, CPU, Computer, PC, Purse, Case, Speaker Box, File Cabinet, Full Tower Gaming Computer Case, Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case, etc.

Dimensions / Height:

  • Go rogue and fully customize your size (width/depth), color, etc.
  • Interchanj fits any PC setup some examples: Lian Li O11 Dynamic, NXZT H510,Corsair 4000, Fractal Meshify C., Lian Li, CyberpowerPC, ibuypower, Omen SkyTech etc.
  • Height: nearly 6" tall

Package Contents:

  • 1 fully assembled Interchanj desktop PC tower stand
  • 360 degree wheels
  • USB RGB LED Lighting
  • Remote Control

A few notes. The pictured computer is not included, but only for example.

When you need a custom computer stand we'll build it for you, the sizes we sell should fit any computer, Mid/Full Tower Gaming Computer Case. Request for different colors are welcome, be creative as you want. No request is too big or small.

Any questions (before or after the sale), be sure to let us know. We are more than happy to answer questions and eager to hear what you have to say.

Each Interchanj CPU Stand Desktop Tower Computer Trolley comes with a warranty of 180 days against any defects.


Item #: gtx-interchanj

180 Day FREE Replacement Warranty on all Interchanj Tower Gaming Computer Case Stand Purchases. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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