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Compatible Controller Phone Mount for SCUF Reflex PS5 controller

The Scuf PS5 Reflex Pro Wireless Controller has been out for quite some time now. Do you own one? Are you looking for a compatible controller phone mount for Scuf Reflex PS5? Then take advantage of Pahm for your remote play. 

Whether you're too tired to sit up or want to lounge around in a different room while playing, the Scuf PS5 Reflex Pro Wireless Controller allows players to connect to the console and play from their phone remotely. Connecting the Reflex controller to a PS5 is the easy part, but lets talk more about mounting or clipping a mobile device like a phone to Scuf Reflex.

Better yet, you can even connect Reflex DualSense controller to your mobile device?

But, of course, propping your phone up to play can be a bit of a hassle, so we've set back and thought about this. Asking the question&

Why isnt there a controller phone mounts for Scuf Gaming PS5 Reflex Pro Wireless Controller? While the PS5 DualSense controller has many controller mounts for PS5, Reflex has none zero!

Pahm is a compatible controller phone mount for Scuf Reflex PS5 Controller, which provides:

  • A tight hold
  • Adjustable angles
  • Maximum fit
  • Tactical feel
  • Beyond Dual adjustments
  • Phone Holder Mobile (phone, MAC, tablet, etc.) mount clip

Pahm Scuf DualSense controller phone mount promises a secure hold, and thanks to its unique mount to the Scuf Gaming PS5 Reflex Pro Wireless Controller. You can finally connect a phone directly to a Scuf Reflex while using all 4 of the Reflex back paddles. Yep! Thats correct! Let me repeat that. Now you can play and use your Scuf Reflex controller with your mobile phone using this mount clip.

Why is using the back paddles while mobile gaming so important to Scuf gamers?

Scuf creates custom controllers for the PlayStation 5 consoles designed for competitive play. SCUF markets its controllers with the claim that its patented rear bumpers technology gives gamers a competitive edge.

The rear of the Scuf controller is where the differences dwell. Scuf equips all of Reflex controllers with rear paddles that take on the actions typically assigned to the face buttons like jump or crouch. SCUF also allows for custom personalize button mapping. Called EMR. By using the EMR (Electro Magnetic Remapping) option in the Scuf Reflex, it allows the gamer to remap the back paddles to any face buttons of the controller. Hence a gamer can personalize more than jump or crouch to any of the 4 rear paddles. Allowing the mobile player to dominate!

With Pahm and your Scuf Reflex controller we feel this mobile setup will actually make you a better gamer! Not only does it feature the ability to access all rear Scuf Reflex paddles. The tighter grip on your phone will hold your mobile phone while you game. Easily accessible control options for adjusting the viewing angle of your phone. The mount also features single locking articulation, so you don't have to worry about the phone dropping or moving while playing. 

If you are looking to experience mobile gaming while using your Scuf Gaming Reflex DualSense PS5 Controller, then we recommend that you give Pahm a look.