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Charging Dock for SCUF gaming wireless controllers - Multi charger dock

scuf envision charging station
  • Have you ever wanted a single charging base to charge all your controllers in one central location?
  • Have you been looking for a charging stand to safely charge and display your console/PC controllers?

A Sleek Looking Controller Stand / Rack Charger Dock.  Made to best displays your controllers with maximum showcase. Each cradle has cut-out for the headphone jack - no need to unplug while charging or displaying your controller. Each cradle allows you to place your controller in the charging bay (cradle) while your headset are still connected. You can even hang your headphone on the charging stand. Very convenient feature for those with wired headphones. Modular design - can be fitted to the desk, table, or cabinet (Underneath the Desk Charging Dock Stand Version).

WIDE-RANGE COMPATIBILITY: This controller charger is compatible with SCUF series controllers, Stadia controllers, Xbox Series X|S controllers, PlayStation 5 controllers, Nintendo Switch Pro-Controllers, and more controllers. With the USB charging cable provided, you can charge your controller from a number of sources easily. These include the Console, PC, Power Bank or Wall Power source. (Wall Adapter not included).

EFFICIENT CHARGING: This charging station provides a quick and easy way to charge and store your Stadia controllers, Xbox Series X|S controllers, PS5 controllers, Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, and more. It will take approx. 2.5 hours to charge a controller, and more than two controllers can be fully charged simultaneously in 3 hours. (Charge time will vary depending on power source)

FULL CUSTOMIZE: Change the color, the amount of tiers (cradles). Build your own unique charging dock for all your controllers.

INTELLIGENT PROTECTION: Built-in intelligent charging protocols make sure your controller is never overcharged, damaging the battery life. 

LED INDICATOR: There's an LED indicators on each charging cradle to show the charging status of your controllers. The red light indicates that your controller is charging, and the light will turn to green when fully charged.

PLACE & CHARGE: Special docking method ensures your controller doesn't get scratched when it's placed on the dock. This charging station uses removable drop and go technology. So when you are done gaming just drop your controller onto the charger.

Which controllers can be stored on Multi Charging Base / Charger Base Stand?

This list is updated frequently

cyclone controller charging dock tower
  • SCUF Envision for PC / Computer (SCUFGAMING)
  • SCUF Envision PRO for PC / Computer (SCUFGAMING)
  • Xbox Series S/X Controller Family Microsoft game pad
  • SCUF Reflex for PS5 PlayStation (SCUFGAMING)
  • PlayStation PS5 DualSense Edge (Sony PlayStation 5 Controllers)
  • PlayStation PS5 Controller (Sony PlayStation 5 Controllers)
  • SCUFgaming Prestige (Xbox)
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Controllers
  • 8bitdo Ultimate
  • Machenike G5 Pro
  • Gulikit King Kong Pro 2
  • SCUF gaming Vantage 1 controller
  • Nintendo Switch Pro controllers
  • Microsoft Xbox One / S / X / ELITE
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X / S
  • SCUF gaming Vantage 2 controller
  • SCUFGAMING Impact Controller
  • SCUF Gaming Impact PRO Controller
  • SCUF Gaming Instinct
  • SCUF Gaming Instinct PRO
  • Gamesir T4 Cyclone
  • Gamesir T4 Cyclone PRO
  • 4 controller charging dock for the 8bitdo Lite2